Superiors View

Historical Suite When you search a RAJA-SHAHI Room

Great Comfort

Ganga Mahal You know you’re in a royal bedroom - twin images of Surya the Sun God beam down at you from the Burma teak ceiling, festooned with an intricately carved grid in a resplendent blue.

Swarna Mahal – Restaurant

Go back to a time when lunch was called luncheon. Look up to usta art on old Burma teak-paneled roof.

The Pool

The casual club-like feel of the entrance to the pool is a contrast to the pristine blue where viceroys have taken their post-prandial exercise.

Memorable Stay

The suite comes with its own dressing room and a generously proportioned bathroom. Small decorative accents, put in when the palace was built in 1904 imbue it with character.

Trophy Bar

Our bar is decorated with the carefully selected spoils of royal hunts.

Conference Room

In Rajat Mahal, formerly a smoking room, a spectacular painted frieze of monsoon clouds with angels, raginis and deities hovering within, pay tribute to Bikaner’s obsession with precipitation.

Live Like King

A sumptuously appointed place with a TV armoire, a writing desk, a canopied four poster bed, a card table and a dining table, sofas, ottomans and pouffes and a pair of bronze horses that are offered freshly mown fescue from the palace lawns daily.

Hari Mahal – Restaurant

Our bigger, banquet-style dining room has huge ceilings and a Messel Green decorative motif.

The Billiards Room

Your wavering aim is forgiven when you’re surrounded by fourteen of the most magnificently-sized tigers to ever succumb to a hunter’s skill.


Hard courts for tennis lie to the south-west of the gardens. Racquets and balls may be borrowed from the hotel. Sessions with a marker can be arranged. Wild partridges and other birds forage in the vicinity