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Karni Vilas has been left unchanged from the time, over a century ago, when it was the bed-chamber of a prince. This marble-walled suite is rich with usta art in blue and gold. The teak ceiling has inlaid carvings covered in gold. Each vertical wall panel has the most intricately detailed scenes of shikar (the royal hunt) on view within the palace, painted in indigo into a motif of amphoras. Each frieze has been painstakingly executed and the blue of the room’s upholstery brings them out beautifully. The bedroom leads to a spacious dressing room and an enormous bathroom with delightfully antique his-and-her’s WC’s
All the rooms come with all modern amenities in place, while maintaining the old world charm of a luxury heritage hotel. The hotel has well-maintained gardens, a swimming pool, a fully functional restaurant, parking facilities and just about everything you could ask for from a dream wedding venue. A royal aura hangs around the premise and it’s just the most beautiful thing you will ever see. No matter where you go while in this hotel, every nook and corner promises grandeur and luxury at its best.
The Laxmi Niwas Palace is definitely a place which is fit for royals and we cannot stress this enough. We hope you will find this information handy and useful when planning a wedding at the grand and gorgeous Laxmi Niwas Palace in Bikaner. It will be a beautiful wedding with a taste of true royalty, for sure!
If you have any other questions for us about rooms at Laxmi Niwas Palace, then do let us know and we’ll be happy to help!