Trophy Bar


Trophy Bar

Enjoy Royal Treatment in Royal Environment

Our bar is decorated with the carefully selected spoils of royal hunts. The house of Bikaner had many prolific shots, and their skill is plain to see in the likenesses between the pairs of animals chosen. Above the single beam of mahogany that forms the bar, the huge heads of a rhinoceros and a Nepalese bison square off. There is a spectacular leopard in a vitrine and pairs of lionesses, platypuses, boars, deer, tigers, Royal Bengals and a couple of hair-raising coyotes mounted on the walls. Have our barman whip up one of his spicy bloody marys or another of his stellar cocktails and enjoy the company of your new drinking buddies.

Trophy Bar is a way of life for many of its characters. Having grown with them, served them their first drink, witnessed their first intoxication :), laughed with them, given them a shoulder to cry on occasionally, played their music, seen them getting married and stepping into parent hood (not necessarily in that order), together we have written many chapters.

An ultimate party destination in the area,  It offers some of the finest options for a night out in the town..